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Review: “A Clear and Present Rager” by Nuclear Power Trio

Timed for release just before the US Elections, Instrumental Jazz Fusion Metal Trio Nuclear Power Trio who consist of Donald Trump on eight string guitars, Vladimir Putin on five string bass and Kim Jong on drums have been primed and ready for this moment their whole lives. Their second single and EP title track “A

Interview: Nuclear Power Trio on Metal Blade Live!

How to describe this… Allegaeon vocalist Riley McShane has been hosting a weekly Metal Blade Live Series in which he interviews anyone and everyone on the label’s roster and goes in deep on subjects like his love of Death Metal with Trevor Strnd of The Black Dahlia Murder. Earlier this week a first single premiered

Interview: Revocation talk to Metal Blade!

Not only is Riley McShane a Progressive Death Metal vocalist of note, but he’s also an engaging host. The Allegaeon frontman has been asking the questions in the Metal Blade Records Live series and having spoken to Trevor Strnd from The Black Dahlia Murder and Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage recently, this latest episode sees

Interview: Whitechapel talk new material!

The Metal Blade Live Series hosted by Allegaeon vocalist Riley McShane has been a really fun time with the Killswitch Engage and The Black Dahlia Murder interviews being particularly good. In this latest one, he chats to Zach Householder and Alex Rudinger from Whitechapel on what they’ve been getting up to during lockdown and how

Review: “Self Titled” by Oceans of Slumber

The self titled record is often seen from the outside as a record that a band feels defines their sound and is perhaps the way that the artist collective see their musical journey continuing. Truth is, that often is not the case and most bands music shifts between recording naturally with the age of the

Interview: Rivers of Nihil join the Metal Blade Records Live Series!

A couple of weeks back Riley McShane of Allegaeon fame interviewed Trevor Strnd from The Black Dahlia Murder and did an impressive job as a host. In this latest offering from the Metal Blade Records Live Series, McShane returns wearing a Leprous t-shirt (?) to chat with Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley; a man who

Playthrough: “Extremophiles (B)” from Allegaeon!

Having seen Allegaeon vocalist Riley McShane in conversation with Trevor Strnd from The Black Dahlia Murder a couple of days back, we had wondered what the other members of the Progressive Technical Death Metal outfit were up to. Bassist Brandon Michael has subliminally answered our question with a bass playthrough of “Extremophiles (B)” from the

Review: “Awakening” by Draemora

Terry Jenkins (vocals/guitar) formed Progressive Death Metal act Draemora in November 2019 in the Seattle, Washington after exiting stage left from his previous band Odyssian. In a reflective mood and seeing it as an opportunity to try something different, he wrote a handful of songs with lyrics and demoed them out in his own home.

NEWS: Beneath Shattered Glass debut “Portrait Of Pestilence”!

2020 is fast becoming a year for multi instrumentalist solo projects with guests gate crashing the party. One such act in the Deathcore genre sees Kevin Nolan, mastermind of Beneath Shattered Glass from Kennesaw, Georgia take to flight with “Portrait Of Pestilence“. As for guests, he’s joined by Allegaeon guitarist Michael Stancel, Brand Of Sacrifice