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Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #3!

Having re-tooled their line up for their new album “Perpetual Chaos“, the now multinational all female Thrash quartet Nervosa have filmed some brographical videos to introduce each member of the group. The third installment gives the red carpet limelight to New drummer Eleni Nota, following bassist Mia Wallace, formerly of Abbath and guitarist Prika Amaral

Playthrough: “Venomous” from Nervosa!

The success of “Perpetual Chaos“, the new album from the now multinational all female Thrash  quartet Nervosa has come with the renewed energy of having a refresher line up with Diva Satanica of Bloodhunter fame and Mia Wallace of Abbath now on board. From the evidence of the record itself they have enthused and reinvigorated

Playthrough: “Venomous” from Nervosa!

If “Perpetual Chaos” the new album from the re-tooled all female Thrash quartet Nervosa isn’t already ringing in your ear drums, then you might want to check out this guitar playthrough from the sole remaining original member Prika Amaral for “Venomous“. No longer based in San Paulo with new members in vocalist Diva Satanica of

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #1!

As part of the promotional work around their new album “Perpetual Chaos” the re-tooled Brazilian Thrash quartet Nervosa have completed a collection of video biographies to introduce the new line up. The first of these sees new bassist Mia Winter Wallace, known for her work on “Outstrider“, the second studio album by Norwegian Black Metal

Review: “Viperous” by Vredehammer

Vredehammer’s combination of aggressive guitars and masterful songwriting has already rewarded the band with not only a highly critically acclaimed pair of albums but also a Norwegian Grammy nomination. The Extreme Metallers from Norway set about “Viperous” their third full-length having started out as a one man project in 2009 and for this one a

NEWS: Obituary believe in “A Dying World”!

Arguably one of the most influential Death Metal bands of all time, Obituary have shared a track that was written and appeared in the Adult Swim series. Entitled “A Dying World” it’s available everywhere here. They will be crossing the US on a co-headlining trek with Abbath, Devil Master and Midnight that kicks off on