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Playthrough: “Nihilus” from Carcosa!

How many strings does Andrew Baena require to make Carcosa sounds the way they do? Eight seems to be the prime number judging by this playthrough video for the bands new single “Nihilus“. The Gojira influence shines through on this one but in truth the bands mutual love of all things Deathcore remains the driving

Documentary: Carcosa breakdown brand new Single “Nihilus”!

The thing about Canadian Deathcore brutes Carcosa is that with Andrew Baena in the fold we get treated track breakdowns and commentaries that surpass any other as he is more than happy to go in deep on his bands material. This time out he takes on the bands latest offering “Nihilus” in this featurette that

Documentary: How We Wrote “Anthology” from Carcosa!

The fourth episode of the Gear Gods series “How Songs Are Made” sees Vancouver British Columbia Canadian Deathcore quartet Carcosa discussing how they wrote their sophomore record “Anthology“. Consisting of half new cuts and half re-recorded versions of those from debut EP “Absent” with a myriad of guest vocal appearances including Kyle Anderson of Brand

Playthrough: “Lethargica” from Carcosa!

Someone needs to start a petition to get Carcosa guitarist Andrew Baena to go full band for some of his jucier instrumental cover offerings. Who wouldn’t want to hear Carcosa go full shotgun blast on this rendition of “Lethargica” from Meshuggah? Baena did his damage with an Ibanez FTM33 8 string in F standard tuning

Documentary: 8 string tones and demo song with Carcosa!

It’s been a huge year for British Columbia Canadian Deathcore collective Carcosa with a full length record in “Anthology” being dropped, half new tracks and half versions of the bands debut EP “Absent” with a myriad of guests making their presence felt. Guitarist Andrew Baena has picked up his eight string and premiered a demo

Documentary: First Show with Carcosa!

With all that’s happened in the World in the past two years it still seems like something of a surprise that 15th November marked the first show from Vancouver British Columbia Canadians Carcosa but it’s true. The Deathcore collective who dropped a pair of records in  “Absent” and “Anthology” while featuring former members of Galactic Pegasus

Playthrough: “Hypnos” from Carcosa!

The return of Canadian Deathcore collective Carcosa with a full length album in “Anthology” that not only includes six new cuts but redux versions of their entire debut EP “Absent” with five guests of note has been an absolute pleasure so guitarist duo Andrew Baena and Cooper Lagace have picked up an Aristides 080R with

Playthrough: “Vermin” from Carcosa!

They say that timing is everything and with new drop “Anthology” fresh out the coffin, Vancouver BC Canada Deathcore collective Carcosa have let guitarist Andrew Baena out of the basement for a guitar playthrough of “Vermin” from the record that features guest appearances from Taylor Barber of Left to Suffer, Ricky Hoover of Ov Sulfur, Kyle Anderson

Documentary: Studio Build with Carcosa!

A few days after Vancouver Canada Deathcore collective Carcosa (ex-Galactic Pegasus, Angelmaker) dropped a full length album in “Anthology“, guitarist Andrew Baena takes us on a front to back tour of what it’s like to get a new place and build a home studio in a long gestating documentary that offers a real insight into

NEWS: Carcosa drop “Vermin”, guests to join for “Anthology”!

When they managed to record a full length album in between their day jobs we have no idea but Vancouver British Colombian Deathcore outfit Carcosa (ex-Galactic Pegasus, Angelmaker) have done exactly that with “Anthology” releasing 19th August. As with the bands debut EP “Absent” it was mixed by Ty Kingston (Bastian) and intriguingly it features