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NEWS: BillyBio returns with “Blackout”!

The sophomore album Biohazard Guitarist and Vocalist Billy Graziadei under the moniker BillyBio titled “Leaders And Liars” is set for 25th March via AFM Records with “Blackout” the latest single from the 15 track affair mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen. Guest musicians performing on the album include Fred Aching Rios (Powerflo), Ra Dias (Suicidal

NEWS: BillyBio look at societies wounds…

AFM Records have unvieled another single in “Turn The Wounds” from the upcoming new BillyBio album “Leaders And Liars” with 25th March the date we need to know. Surrounded by an intriguing collection of musicians including Fred Aching Rios (Powerflo) on drums; Ra Dias (Suicidal Tendencies, currently touring with KORN) on bass; Daniele Manca on

Documentary: The creation of “One Life To Live” with BillyBio!

Documenting the recording process of the now one month old single “One Life To Live“, Billy Graziadei takes us from the initial idea to the final structure cut down to just a few minutes. Best known for his work in Biohazard, 25th March will see AFM Records unveil his second solo album “Leaders And Liars”

Riff Police! Pull Over! #122: Ektomorf Vs Sepultura!

Essentially masterminded by vocalist and guitarist Zoltán Farkas, the soul founding member of a band that has has had a revolving door of musicians over the past 27 years, Ektomorf began life back in 1993 in the small city of Mezőkovácsháza near the Hungarian border with Romania. 16 band members and 14 albums through 7

NEWS: BillyBio has no regrets…

From the BillyBio debut “Feed the Fire” which is out now on AFM Records, a new video for “No Apologies, No Regrets” has surfaced telling the life story of Billy Graziadei, founding member of crossover Hardcore pioneers Biohazard. Is it a question of ‘when’ or ‘if’ Biohazard will return? Only time will tell.

NEWS: Emil Ask “Where Is My Mind”…?

Quite why this video for “Where Is My Mind” from Emil Bulls got pulled yesterday remains shrouded in mystery, but with the band going on a near month long tour across Germany starting on 29th November at Hamburg Docks, it seems like it’s timely. If you’ve not already heard it, the song comes from their

NEWS: Billy Bio knows how to treat “Enemy”!

Billy Graziadei of Biohazard fame continues to move forward with the solo material under the Billy Bio moniker with a music video for “Enemy”. The song appears on the current album “Feed The Fire” which amps up the Hardcore Punk approach and shares a love of Cro-Mags! He’s expected to return before too long with

NEWS: Emil Bulls unveil “Survivor”!

Emil Bulls have channelled their collective inner Beyonce Knowles and dropped a new track from their upcoming 5th May AFM Records album “Mixtape” entitled “Survivor”! No strangers to a cover with their Deftones inspired cut of “Take On Me” by Ah-ha, they’ve outdone themselves with this Destiny’s Child cut… …and the tracklist for the full

NEWS: Emil Bulls chase “Miss Magnetic”!

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, German Nu-Metal crew Emil Bulls have released a new music video for “Miss Magnetic”. A timely single from there 2017 offering “Kill Your Demons” which dropped via AFM Records, which is also the label home of Billy Graziadei’s Billy Bio solo project.