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NEWS: Aittala enter a “War of Attrition”!

A Quentin Tarantino inspired story video in which a bounty hunter receives an unexpected surprise when delivering his prize has been chosen as the narrative for a music video directed by Jaiden Frost and produced by Jonathon Hermosillo for “War of Attrition” by Raleigh North Carolina based Aittala (pronounced ‘EYE-tah-la’). The cut is one that

NEWS: Aittala have secrets locked in Pandora’s box!

When it sees release on 7th November via Exitus Stratagem Records, “Live to Regret” will be the seventh addition to the Aittala (pronounced ‘EYE-tah-la’) discography with the band having existed in one form or another for the past 3 decades. In that time there has been development, growth and change with the trio now seamlessly blend Sludge, Power

NEWS: Aittala warn of “Collateral Damage”?

In one form or another Aittala (pronounced ‘EYE-tah-la’) have been around for more than three decades and on 7th November the trio who seamlessly blend Sludge, Power and Traditional Heavy Metal will release their sixth studio album “Live to Regret” via Exitus Stratagem Records. It will be their first with new bassist Ali Lugo who