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Review: “Vredesvävd” by Finntroll

After seven long years sailing the seven seas Helsinki, Finland’s Finntroll have returned to plunder the hidden treasures Valhalla. They bring with them their seventh studio album, recorded and mixed at the renowned Sonic PumpStudios, mastered at Chartmakers and produced by keyboardist-composer Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali with vocalist Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns acting as his right-hand man.

NEWS: Alestorm… “Big Ship Little Ship”… say no more!

Who doesn’t love Pirate Metal? Who doesn’t love Alestorm? They must have done a music video for damn near every song on their latest Napalm Records offering “Curse of the Crystal Coconut” and the low budget thrills and spills of this one are hilarious. We need more Rum! Fill the cup and leave the bottle!

NEWS: Alestorm insult your Pirate Ship!

If insulting a Man’s pirate ship is worse than insulting his mother, then Alestorm are gunning for a fight. The Scottish Pirate Metallers have dropped a highly amusing animated video for “S*** Boat (No Fans)“, probably the shortest track on their new album “Curse of the Crystal Coconut“, which is fantastic because we’ve got a

NEWS: Alestorm are the OG “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew”!

The notorious Pirate Kings Alestorm released their long awaited long player “Curse Of The Crystal Coconut” today via Napalm Records! In addition, they present their latest single, “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew”. Its a homage to pirate life, best sung along to with a bottle of Rum in one hand and a coconut in the other!

NEWS: Alestorm celebrate the death of the mighty terror squid!

Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm have unfurled the main sail with the third single from their upcoming 29th May album “Curse of the Crystal Coconut”. The new track is entitled “Fannybaws” and the tale of Phann’aig Bhall, a fearsome pirate who killed the mighty terror squid and fought against the Vikings, wearing nothing but a tiger

NEWS: Alestorm sail into “Tortuga”!

If the first new song “Treasure Chest Party Quest” from Pirate Metallers Alestorm was the plot twist in a thriller then this new single “Tortuga” is equally so. Featuring a guest appearance from the balaclava wearing Capitan Yarrface it seems them adding some… Just watch it. Both tracks are on the 29th May sailing “Curse

Bootleg: Alestorm in Tilburg!

As the countdown to “Curse of the Crystal Coconut” begins, our favorite Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm have unveiled a show from a previous tour. Pro-Shot in Tilburg, Holland in 2019, the release comes via their label  Napalm Records and follows first single “Treasure Chest Party Quest“. Pre-orders for the album are available here. Alestorm Comment:

NEWS: Alestorm sailing back to from the abyss!

Announcing a new album entitled “Curse of the Crystal Coconut” for 29th May via Napalm Records, Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm have got… weird with a music video for “Treasure Chest Party Quest“. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself! Pre-orders are available here. Alestorm on the new video: “Oh wow! We

Review: “The Vengeance Trilogy” EP by Messiah

‘”The Vengeance Trilogy” is a trio of songs and the story of a boy whose family and village have been massacred by monsters. This boy grows up to become a ferocious Knight who leads his army to attack the Kingdom of monsters and kill them all. The thing is, it is him, now, who has

Interview: Alestorm talk to Banger TV!

Banger TV sat down with Keytar playing song writer Christopher Bowes from Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm to talk crowd surfing in Denmark and not taking yourself seriously. They’ve announced they will be setting sail for Download Festival Australia in March which has dates in Melbourne and Sydney, but first they’ll be playing in Madrid Spain