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Review: “Self Titled” EP by Sores

Greek Black Metal duo Sores have a calling card phase “The Cage That You Call Life……..is the One that Feeds Your Depression“. Having released a pair of two track demos in 2017, N.D. (Guitars, Drums) and Sacrilegious (Vocals) were joined by Spectral Lore bassist Ayloss to record this debut EP. It has been long in

Review: “Nomen Omen” EP by Ancestral Kvltv

Born in 2013 in Palermo, Sicily Ancestral Kvltv, started as a solo project from Valgoroth, know for his work in Mystica Nox, Beasts of Torah, and formerly NightFrost. He recorded a self titled demo at Eternal Tombs Studios, released by Depressive Illusions Records which was limited to just 50 handnumbered copies. Seven years on, February