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Review: “Damnation Is Eternal” by Mask of Insanity

A labour of love that has been five years in the making, Mask of Insanity were forged in the furnace of Valhalla in Lelystad Netherlands in 2015 around an axis of Gildor van Mourlik (bass, vocals) and Vincent Klien (guitars). That partnership was the joined by Cor Vos (guitars) and Jonah Vossensteyn (drums) after some

NEWS: Anger Machine see the red mist!

Dutch Groove Metallers Anger Machine have returned to their summer 2019, David Hazeleger album “Trail of the Perished” for a music video for “Red“. Introducing themselves by opening for the legendary Pro-Pain, they’ve since cemented their crushing live show reputation with the likes of Black Rabbit and Mudhead, winning Metal Battle Noord-Holland in 2018.

NEWS: Anger Machine divide and conquer!

After a couple of gear rundown videos Dutch Metallers Anger Machine have gone back to their summer 2019 album “Trail Of The Perished” Mixed & Mastered by David Hazeleger for a music video filmed by Vanderhill Productions. The track of choice is “Conquer All“, the third single from the album following “Disconnected” and the title

Documentary: Live rig rundown #2: Guitars with Anger Machine!

Following last weeks sweaty post rehearsal Merjin Kloosterman giving us a rundown of his live bass rig, it’s now the turn of Anger Machine guitarist Thijmen den Hartigh to do likewise. Expressing his love for Seymour Duncan Pickups, Jackson guitars and ordering single stings so you can use gauges that aren’t in a standard pack.

Documentary: Live rig rundown with Anger Machine!

A sweaty post rehearsal Merjin Kloosterman has taken a few minutes out of his busy schedule to give us a rundown of his live rig. The Anger Machine bassist plays Dingwall and is keeping sharp so that his band can hit the road again in support of their 2019 album “Trail Of The Perished” and

Vs. Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins? FIGHT!

Recorded in Tampa, Florida at Morrisound Recording with Scott Burns in the production chair and released in 1991 is the album that many consider to be San Paulo Brazilian legends Sepultura’s finest hour. Well, 42 minutes and 26 seconds if you want to be specific about it. It’s the album that started the ball rolling