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NEWS: Annisokay debut “STFU”!

Having announced their new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer and shared a couple of his vocal takes and live footage, German Metalcore act Annisokay have now let us have a first single written with him. Going by the titled of “STFU“, Mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings and with a video from Peter Leukhardt,

NEWS: Annisokay October European Tour!

Fresh and rescheduled tour dates continue to trickle out with German Metalcore act Annisokay being the latest to do so. They’ll be playing in Russia in September leading into this October run with a pair of UK shows announced. The burning question is very much ‘is this a release run for a new album?‘ with

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! King Of Pop…?

King Of Pop or not, there aren’t many people on Planet Earth that don’t know about the legacy of Michael Jackson. Back in 1982 he recorded arguably his most important album in “Thriller” with Producer Quincy Jones and even managed to get Eddie Van Halen himself to donate a guitar solo to the albums eventual

Documentary: Annisokay Recap Xmas Bash Shows #2!

German Metalcore crew Annisokay have recaped their Xmas Bash shows in Cologne and Berlin Germany with this just shy of 10 minutes of footage from Josh Wagner. Having announced that screamer Dave Grunewald has stepped away and Rudi Schwarzer is filling his shoes, they’ve used these recent recaps and shows to introduce him. Do they

Bootleg: “Unware” from Annisokay!

As Annisokay continue the Xmas Bash Tour 2019 with a recap of their two shows in Wiesbaden and München just a few days in a behind the scenes mini tour diary, footage of them performing “Unware” with new unclean vocalist Rudi Schwarzer at Täubchenthal Leipzig on 30th November has surfaced!

Documentary: Annisokay behind the scenes in Leipzig!

Having announced their new unclean vocalist Rudi Schwarzer with a pair of live cuts from their recent Leipzig Germany show, Annisokay have followed it up with a tasty little recap shot by Peter Leukhardt. The Metalcore act called it a Xmas bash but for our money there are still 16 days to go!

Bootleg: Annisokay introduce new vocalist!

German Metalcore crew Annisokay have introduced their new screamer in the right way with “Coma Blue” and “What’s Wrong” filmed at Taubchenthal in Leipzig Germany on 30th November! Rudi Schwarzer, who appeared on “Rebirth Of The Phoenix” from German Hardcore act Lions From Alaska in 2017 has replaced Dave Grunewald with a fifth studio album

NEWS: Annisokay love a good story…

German Metalcore crew Annisokay have created a music video for voted fan favourite song “Good Stories” from their current album “Arms”. They’ll be back on the road with Emil Bulls once they’ve completed their summer festival run.

NEWS: Annisokay reinvent Bring Me The Horizon tune!

Ever wondered what the new Bring Me The Horizon album would sound like if it was done in the style of previous effort “Sempiternal”? Well Germany Metalcore crew Annisokay have done exactly that and reimagined “Nihilist Blues” as a Metalcore track! It was Produced, mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings which was

NEWS: Annisokay travelled up “Escalators”!

Leipzig, Germany Metalcore crew Annisokay have released a new music video from their summer album release “Arms” via SharpTone Records. The single is entitled “Escalators” and has been timed to appear at the start of their “Fully Automatic” German tour with I Set My Friends On Fire.