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Throwback: “Writers Block Party” from American Standards!

Six years down the road and the flaming Hardcore Punk of 2017’s “Anti-Melody” by American Standards is still worth its weight in Gold. Formed in Phoenix Arizona circa 2011 and known for the high energy, high intensity live show, by this point the band had already hit a trio of home runs with 2012’s “Still

Exclusive Interview: American Standards talk “Dopamine Dealer”!

Earlier this month Phoenix Arizona chaos driven Hardcore Punk quartet American Standards returned with a brand new EP in “Dopamine Dealer” mixed by Sad Ghost Studios and mastered by Nada Recording (My Chemical Romance, Bayside, Shai Hulud) that left us wondering why the band are still DIY or DIE and not signed to a major

Review: “Dopamine Dealer” by American Standards

What happens when you and your band mates start to get older, wiser and a little more aggressive but your lives have additional dependencies that mean you simply can’t just jump in a van and tour like you used to? If you’re chaos driven Hardcore Punk quartet American Standards who hail from Phoenix, Arizona then you

NEWS: American Standards seek the dealer…

Chaos driven Hardcore Punk quartet American Standards who hail from Phoenix, Arizona have announced a new three track EP titled  “Dopamine Dealer” for 3rd February. It follows three singles in five years since 2017 album “Anti-Melody” and has been preceded by a music video for “The Dealer” as the band continue their commentary on Social

Exclusive Interview: Brandon Kellum of American Standards!

There aren’t many bands that can carry off a chaotic style with enough control to avoid sounding like a car crash. One such band is Phoenix Arizona’s American Standards. A complex and emotionally and politically charged Hardcore Punk quartet, they’ve suffered a few lows in amongst the highs of 300 plus DIY shows. They have a