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The Black Map #231: Sobriquet from Sheffield!

Going from Southampton to Sheffield in one Incredible Hulk sized death defying, gravity ignoring leap is what The Black Map is all about, a feature that spreads the word like a gossip hungry wench about the great and the good of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene. The south coast allowed us a moment to

Exclusive Interview: Sobriquet talk new EP “Apotheosis”!

A going concern since 2016, Sobriquet have been noisily going about their business in Sheffield with three records in five years with deep rooted influences in their sound from late 90’s hardcore and cult film. Recorded with Lewis Johns at The Ranch (Employed To Serve, Bailer) their latest burnt offering “Apotheosis” runs on a theme

Review: “Apotheosis” by Sobriquet

Having shared stages with the likes of Loathe, Palm Reader and Heriot while gaining a reputation for an intense volatile live set Sobriquet have sharpened their collective blades at the grindstone having forged their sound with 2017’s “Akeldama” and 2020’s “A Hundred Thousand Tongues“. The Sheffield based quintet comprising vocalist Ludovico Fahey, guitarist duo Tom

NEWS: Obscura Qalma unveil “The Forbidden Pantheon”!

Self-described as “blackened heavily orchestrated death metal“, Obscura Qalma have set 12th November via Rising Nemesis Records as the release date for a new full length of epic grandeur called “Apotheosis” that builds upon the foundations of their 2019 EP “From the Sheol to the Apeiron“. The Venice, Italy based outfit who feature in their

NEWS: Obscura Qalma build a shrine…

The age old question of just how much of an album will we get pre-release is one for Venice Italy Blackend Orchestrated Death Metallers Obscura Qalma as they have unveiled a second cut from their 12th November via Rising Nemesis Records releasing “Apotheosis” (from the Greek, meaning “To Defy“). The cut is titled “Awaken A