NEWS: Obscura Qalma unveil “The Forbidden Pantheon”!

Self-described as “blackened heavily orchestrated death metal“, Obscura Qalma have set 12th November via Rising Nemesis Records as the release date for a new full length of epic grandeur called “Apotheosis” that builds upon the foundations of their 2019 EP “From the Sheol to the Apeiron“. The Venice, Italy based outfit who feature in their ranks members and former members of Necrosy, Supremacy, As Memory Dies and From the Shores have plucked “The Forbidden Pantheon” from the upcoming record to entice you into a pre-order here.

Obscura Qalma comments: “From the nihilistic foundations of European culture and epistemological solipsism to astrophysics and psychoanalysis, ‘Apotheosis’ dwells on the limits of human knowledge and the impassable boundaries of its own existence. Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud, as well as by contemporary figures such as Massimo Recalcati and James Owen Weatherall, Apotheosis (from the Greek meaning, “To Deify”) explores human existence in an epistemological solipsistic view. Elevated to divine status, from a higher point we can look at the external world as an unresolvable question rather than actually false. Musically, the album is inspired by Dissection, Emperor and Death as well as by classical music and film composers such as Alexandre Desplat.

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