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NEWS: Obscura Qalma unveil “The Forbidden Pantheon”!

Self-described as “blackened heavily orchestrated death metal“, Obscura Qalma have set 12th November via Rising Nemesis Records as the release date for a new full length of epic grandeur called “Apotheosis” that builds upon the foundations of their 2019 EP “From the Sheol to the Apeiron“. The Venice, Italy based outfit who feature in their

NEWS: Obscura Qalma build a shrine…

The age old question of just how much of an album will we get pre-release is one for Venice Italy Blackend Orchestrated Death Metallers Obscura Qalma as they have unveiled a second cut from their 12th November via Rising Nemesis Records releasing “Apotheosis” (from the Greek, meaning “To Defy“). The cut is titled “Awaken A

NEWS: Horned. Landmvrks. Hegemony. Rising Nemesis. Eminence.

Is it possible to cross the DNA of Death Metal with Beatdown Hardcore? Wait. Isn’t that Deathcore? Landmarks vocalist Florent Salfati might beg to differ. He’s been busy mixing and mastering of late with “Eminence” by Horned being the subject of his work. The Marseille France band will be celebrating on 20th March as their

NEWS: Within Destruction will slam you through March!

Solvenia’s finest Slam Deathcore export Within Destruction have announced a Headlining run centered around Lockjaw Fest. The bands 2016 release “Void” receveived critical acclaim with guest vocal performances from Oceano‘s Adam Warren and I Declaire War‘s Jamie Hanks alongside a guitar solo from Archspire‘s Dean Lamb. The album is out now on Rising Nemesis Records. A new