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Review: “Veils Of Transcendence” by Obscura Qalma

Having been born into an unforgiving World in Venice Italy in 2018, Obscura Qalma have risen like a phoenix from the ashes of From The Shores, As Memory Dies and Liyatan and built a reputation for themselves in what they have long described as Blackened heavily Orchestrated Death Metal. Rich in lyrical themes of Mysticism, Occultism, Death

NEWS: Obscura Qalma seek “Ophidian’s Enthronement”!

Ahead of the 2nd February release of a third record from Italian Orchestrated Blackened Death Metal purveyors Obscura Qalma via Dusktone Records the label have shared the opening track from it in “Ophidian’s Enthronement“. A lethally destructive force of nature since their arrival in 2018, the band delves once again into the realms of esoteric

NEWS: Obscura Qalma unveil “The Forbidden Pantheon”!

Self-described as “blackened heavily orchestrated death metal“, Obscura Qalma have set 12th November via Rising Nemesis Records as the release date for a new full length of epic grandeur called “Apotheosis” that builds upon the foundations of their 2019 EP “From the Sheol to the Apeiron“. The Venice, Italy based outfit who feature in their

NEWS: Obscura Qalma build a shrine…

The age old question of just how much of an album will we get pre-release is one for Venice Italy Blackend Orchestrated Death Metallers Obscura Qalma as they have unveiled a second cut from their 12th November via Rising Nemesis Records releasing “Apotheosis” (from the Greek, meaning “To Defy“). The cut is titled “Awaken A

NEWS: Obscura Qalma head to the edge of reason!

The canals of Venice may be running clearer in the absence of boats churning up the silt but through the “Haze Of Reason” they run with blood. Symphonic Death Metallers Obscura Qalma are celebrating 11 months of “From The Sheol To The Apeiron” with a video for a track that depicts a waking nightmare…

Review: “From The Sheol To The Apeiron” by Obscura Qalma

The debut EP by Italian Blackened Death Metal band Obscura Qalma appeared slithering across the long grass and threatening to spit venom at the start of April. Formed from the ashes of From The Shores, As Memory Dies and Liyatan, these are seasoned musicians who have created an EP in 12 months since starting out.