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Review: “FRVR / CRSD” by Ashes of Perishing

“At the heart of the EP are two songs that form a single entity. We all have our own pain points and pain to carry, and it may never ease, thus cursing us to carry them forever. However, we can learn to live with them and become stronger. FRVR/CRSD is an entity, a leap into

NEWS: Ashes Of The Perishing share their burdens?

Corrupting “Forever Cursed” to “FRVR / CRSD”, Helsinki-based Modern Metalcore band Ashes Of The Perishing will be releasing their debut EP on 29th February via Inverse Records. The five piece have premiered a second single from the four tracks that make the grade in “Burdens” with previous cut “Waste of Life” still playing everywhere that

NEWS: Ashes of Perishing premier “Waste of Life”!

Accompanied by a music video directed by Sanna Vihervuori Photography, Helsinki based Modern Metalcore outfit Ashes of Perishing have shared the single “Waste of Life”, the first from their upcoming debut EP “FRVR / CRSD”. That may not be a concept record but it is being described as “a dark path through hate and self-destruction towards