Review: “FRVR / CRSD” by Ashes of Perishing

At the heart of the EP are two songs that form a single entity. We all have our own pain points and pain to carry, and it may never ease, thus cursing us to carry them forever. However, we can learn to live with them and become stronger. FRVR/CRSD is an entity, a leap into the deep end of humanity. The world is not a perfect place, and life is not always wonderful, but we will survive. Always.” ~ Ashes of Perishing

Comprising vocalist Petteri Ylitalo, bassist Philipp Kashin, drummer Olli Laine and axe wielding duo Valtteri Limnell and Joonas Makkonen, Ashes Of Perishing are a Modern Metalcore band hailing from Helsinki Finland. Their debut EP “FRVR / CRSD” finds its way to us via Inverse Records and while it isn’t described as a concept release, there is a clear sense of mental anguish in it as they seek forgiveness from themselves for their sins…

…with a cough and splutter is awoken with “Waste Of Life“, a cut laced with introspective lyrics from Ylitalo and groove laden Metalcore riffs that threaten to reach and touch the void into Deathcore. American bands like Wage War and Currents are obvious influences and this one could happily go another verse and chorus without any issues at all. The first of the conjoined twins is “Forever…“, a track with a melancholic melodic introduction and some delicate piano that builds steadily before the vocals bring the savagery of the opening cut. The lead guitar work is stunning with obvious reference the roots of the Metalcore genre, as is the powerful emotive quality that the band are able to harness with it, particularly vocally. “…Cursed” then takes the baton with a similar sound and style, the contrast between the powerful rhythms of the verse and brightness of the chorus making it stand out. Perhaps the band take influence from Post-Hardcore somewhere along the line because there is certainly that feel here and it bleeds through the bandages into the opening strains of “Burdens“. An unexpected orchestral moment works incredibly well, the extremes within the bands sound pushing out on this one, a vicious “beigh!” moment accompanying some throat splitting uncleans making for a real eye opening tune. Thicker gauged strings of consequence might be a future path for this band to move down but for now they seem to have nailed what they want to do with verve, swagger and polish [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Waste Of Life
  2. Forever…
  3. …Cursed
  4. Burdens

FRVR / CRSD” by Ashes of Perishing is out 29th February 2024 via Inverse Records and is available over at bandcamp

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