Review: “Self Titled” EP by Parallax

Featuring in their ranks vocalist Nathan Holt and drummer Darren Holt, both formerly of Scar City and rounded out by guitarists John Isaac and Chris Andrews (who both contribute vocals) as well as bassist Simon Edwards are Parallax from Biggleswade. They promise ripping solos, crushing guitar riffs and powerful drumming delivered in a fresh and groove laiden way. Cover art that hints a love of Science Fiction always goes down well in these parts.

A slow stomping intro makes way for for a faster sludgy guitar sound as Nathan Holt’s barked unclean vocals appear and inject some urgency into the bands sound. By contrast, his clean vocals give Peter Cullen of The Colony a run for his money and some accompanying melodic Metal riffs are a nice touch compared with some of the raw and rough edged earlier tones. “End” returns to the Sludge influenced Metalcore guitar work with hints at bands like Seamless (who featured Jesse Leech of Killswitch Engage) being an inspiration, with a distinct Stoner Metal blues vibe in the undertow. A stuccato break into some of those promised ripping solos is a solid change up even if the mix is a little bit rough sounding in places. “Hero” has a fine catchy sing-a-long anthem chorus and some driving riffs that make it a perfect accompaniment to a pint. The vocals are well balanced off and the kit work from Darren Holt is among the best on the EP with some powerhouse moments driving the energy levels up. Having received the full music video treatment “Hold On” is a showcase of the bands sound a fine summary of what they’re all about. “Could I be your heart ache because I’m holding on, could you be my everything” is a fine romantic line for a tune that is a far from an acoustic ballad as you can get! [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Everything
  2. End
  3. Hero
  4. Hold On

“Self Titled” EP by Parallax is out now

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