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NEWS: Rituals share “Cataclysm” music video!

It has been something of a whirlwind of a 2023 for North East Metal act Rituals which shows no sign of ending any time soon. Winning Kerrang! Radio’s The Deal competition and secured them the chance to record a game-changing EP with Marshall Records as well as performing at the 20th Anniversary of Download Festival.

Review: “I Found Myself In The Dark” by Rituals

“This is the most we’ve pushed ourselves musically on a record… The EP stands as a statement piece with Marshall Records, and the heaviest, most melodic, and progressive work to date. It’s the proudest we have ever been as Rituals. The EP is meant to take you on a journey through mental growth, views on

NEWS: Rituals bring back the remix…

Still looking for the signs and fresh from a show in Manchester in support of Monasteries and Sunfall, Newcastle Metal merchants Rituals have shared an ambient remix of “Oceans Subside“. The original version of the cut appears on the bands September released sophomore EP with the promise of this rendition appearing on Spotify as a Christmas

Exclusive Interview: Rituals talk new EP “Show Me The Signs”!

The beginning of the month of September saw the second EP “Show Me The Signs” from Newcastle’s Rituals land, a record which continues the evolution of their sound into heavier territories. Given the critical acclaim around their debut EP “Awake” following a trio of huge singles, the record was firmly on the highly anticipated list

NEWS: Rituals premier “Show Me The Signs” music video!

Celebrating the release of their new EP “Show Me The Signs” which we reviewed earlier this week, Rituals have taken the plunge with a music video for the cut for the title track. Supporting the record they have a wealth of shows on the not too distant horizon in October with Ruina and in November

Review: “Show Me The Signs” by Rituals

One day short of a calendar year after their debut EP “Awake” dropped, Newcastle’s Rituals return with a sophomore record in “Show Me The Signs” which takes the heavier sound that the band showcased following their initial trio of singles in  “P.O.V“, “Snakes Head” and “False Royal“ and runs with it. Having received widespread praise

Playthrough: “Oceans Subside” from Rituals!

The second single “Oceans Subside” from the sophomore EP “Show Me The Signs” by Newcastle based Rituals that drops on 2nd September has been given the one take guitar playthrough treatment by Ewan Lee. The record follows on from their 2021 offering “Awake” which found the band continuing in a heavier direction having originally formed in

NEWS: Rituals looks for signs as Oceans subside…

Having recently supported both Skindred and Osiah, Northern Modern Metal outfit Rituals have dropped a music video directed by Clearway Media for a single titled “Oceans Subside“. Part of the preparation for a new EP “Show Me The Signs” which drops on 2nd September to follow their received debut “Awake“, it will be one no doubt

Playthrough: “In Devastation” from Rituals!

A week after the release of the latest single from their upcoming EP “Show Me The Signs”, Newcastle Metal quartet Rituals have returned to the practice space to record a playthrough video for the cut, one titled “In Devastation“. Said to see the band continue their evolution to a heavier sound, the new record is