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Review: “Ghost In The Shadows” by Rebelmatic

Writing lyrics centered around freedom, justice, equality, trauma and finding the light when in a dark place in an album that collectively forms an ode to life in New York City has already gained Rebelmatic plenty of fans in high places including HR from Bad Brains and Angelo Moore of Fishbone. That has no doubt

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Marilyn Manson.

Taking its name from the 1967 book of the same name by Marilyn Bender which opened the doors to the World on the Jet-set lifestyle of the 1960s and the culture of beauty, fashion and politics, “The Beautiful People” is arguably one of Marilyn Manson’s finest moments. Appearing on the bands 1996 album “Antichrist Superstar”

Review: “Legion : XX” by Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God)

The build up for any Lamb of God release is always going to pretty eventful, the band having become to many the new Pantera with the likes of huge single “Redneck” from 2009’s “Wrath”. A covers album entitled “Legion : XX” under their original moniker Burn The Priest to celebrate their 20th anniversary was the surprise news

NEWS: Lamb Of God release “I Against I”!

18th May will see Lamb Of God release their 20th Anniversary hardcore punk covers album “Legion: XX” under their original moniker Burn The Priest. Following on from the previous two song pre-release teases, the latest is their cover of Bad Brains “I Against I” which Randy Blythe got plenty of practice in for when he