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NEWS: Bare King dream of rats and baseball bats…

We don’t need no Cocaine Bear. We’ve got the real deal with “Grave Rat” from Bakersfield Californian Deathcore collective Bare King. That’s the real deal. Their first since their very well received May 2022 album “Beggars” which crosses Metallic Hardcore into the genre, it is not going to be their last either with a music

NEWS: Bare King joined by Distant for “Defeatist”!

Sometimes when listening to a record there are is a cut that sticks out like a hammer smashed sore thumb as being an obvious single and when listening to “Beggars” by Bakersfield Californian heavy hitters Bare King, their cut “Defeatist” is one of those. The ingredients are all there and plain to see, recorded by

NEWS: Bare King bring out the dead with “Black Fly”!

Self describing simply as California Heavy, We Are Triumphant signings Bare King have unleashed a new single in “Black Fly” that should delight fans of both Metallic Hardcore and Deathcore at the same time. It’s also got that seal of approval that means you know it’s going to be good as it was mixed and

Review: “The Suffering” by Bare King

Rising from the desert sands of Bakersfield in the southern central valley of California are Deathcore collective Bare King, a quintet formed in 2018 by the writing partnership of vocalist Brandon Stirling and guitarist Louie Loera who were later joined by guitarist Richard Sherman, bassist Fernando Tejada and drummer Josh Aguilera. They made their mark

NEWS: Bare King take a nap?

Bakersfield California might be home to Nu-Metal survivalists KoRn, but there is more to the local scene than that. Step in Bare King, a Deathcore quintet who dropped EP “The Suffering” on 3rd December with pre-release single “Generation Waste” hitting an incredible 36k Spotify streams. To celebrate the release the Pure Core YouTube channel is

NEWS: Bare King refuse to be “Victims”!

Formed in 2018, Bakersfield California Deathcore collective Bare King have set 5th December 2020 as the release date for their sophomore self produced EP “The Suffering“. The follow up the July 2019’s “Misery“, which afforded the band the opportunity to share stages with Enterprise Earth, Obey The Brave and For The Fallen Dreams has already