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Bootleg: Bury Your Dead in New Jersey!

We were raised on a diet of “Cover Your Tracks” and “Beauty And The Breakdown” from Boston Massachusetts Metalcore act Bury Your Dead so this freshly released full set from the band at Club Krome in South Amboy New Jersey from 20th September 2002 is music to our ears. They’re still very much alive and

Review: “We Are Bury Your Dead” EP by Bury Your Dead

Boston Massachusetts Metallic Hardcore Kings Bury Your Dead may have been around since 2001 but they ain’t never put together an EP. So after six studio albums and one live album the band have returned 8 long years after 2011’s “Mosh n’ Roll” with their first foray into the shorter format. The line-up now consists

Playthrough: “House of Straw” from Bury Your Dead!

It might be all quiet on the Bury Your Dead front at the moment but that doesn’t stop us fans of the band. Guitarist Jay Kay has laid down a playthrough of favourite “House of Straw” from the Boston Massachusetts Metalcore heroes album “Beauty And The Breakdown”. Here’s hoping for more throughout 2019.