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NEWS: Obsidian set to fail?

It seems that after two years the era of “Before” has come to an end with French Post-Hardcore Progressive DJentlemen (yes, that’s a thing) Obsidian sharing a music video for “A Life To Fail” directed by Ferdinand Goor and it screams lyrically of social isolation fuelled by the current Global Situation in a Nu-Metal introspective

Bootleg: “Rea(lies)” from Obsidian!

It’s not often that François Pitois, Nathan Frouin, Antoine Leze and Florent Grollier will find themselves at the Angers Nantes Opéra Théatre Graslin but when the opportunity arises, you have to grasp it with both hands. So Obsidian have teamed up with Crazystone to film a live video for “Rea(lies)” at the stunning venue and

Review: “Before” by Obsidian

Labeling themselves as a Progressive Metalcore act that “embraces many influences, from post-hardcore to ambient, DJent or progressive scenes and merges them into one defined style“, Nantes France quartet Obsidian (meaning a hard, dark, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization) recorded and mixed their debut album “Before”  at Brown Bear

Bootleg: “Consent” from Obsidian!

French Progressive Metalcore merchants Obsidian have entered the studio with Evil in Motion Productions to records a live session version of “Consent” from their album “Before“. Recorded and filmed at La Margi, the track has subsequently been mixed and mastered by Arthur Lauth from Brown Bear Recordings. We have a review of their album on

Bootleg: “(Un)certainty” from Obsidian!

Culled from their set at Amarok Metal Fest in February 2020, Nantes France Progressive Metalcore quartet Obsidian have shared the full uncut version of their song “(Un)certainty“. The track appears on their debut album “Before” which we have got a review of in the pipeline for y’all. It’s highly recommended so if you’ve got the