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NEWS: Bleeding Through unleash “War Time”!

“You chose to cross me at the wrong fucking time. Everything you said to me lies. This bond of sacrifice dies. Pull this aggression from pain. Spit the venom deep from my hate. Scars remain in search for the truth. I’ll never f***ing be like you. I feel the torment again. Battle tested. War in

Bootleg: Bleeding Through in San Francisco!

Intriguingly Orange County Metalcore returners Bleeding Through have shared a new music video for their cut “Rage” on Instagram alone here. The footage for the video was filmed back November at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, California which tenuously brings us to a full set from two nights before on 17th November at The

Review: “Umbra Mortis” by She Must Burn

It has been a long hard road out of hell for London based Blackened Symphonic Death Metal act She Must Burn and at each fork in the road they’ve consistently taken the left hand path, enhancing their reputation for an intense live show and sharing stages with everyone from Cradle Of Filth to Lorna Shore

Interview: Bleeding Through talk “Rage” with Belgian Jasper!

After a moment dedicated to Trevor Strnad (may he rest in peace) earlier this past weekend, a highly anticipated full interview with Bleeding Through vocalist Brandan Schieppati has been provided by Belgian Jasper. As expected this one carries an insightful look at the bands new EP “Rage“, their first in four years, as well as

Interview: Bleeding Through talk Trevor Strnad with Belgian Jasper!

Rather than talk about their new EP “Rage” with Belgian Jasper, Bleeding Through vocalist Brandon Schieppati instead takes a few moments to talk about his friend Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder, one who we have sadly loved and lost this past May. Containing audio fragments of “Child Of Night” from the “Verminous” album,

Review: “Rage” by Bleeding Through

“Screaming into a microphone and playing music with my friends after 20 plus years and after a pandemic seemed like an impossibility. Low and behold here we are creating music again. Personally the last few years has been a total mental battle. This music is my weapon against doubt and depression. The song ‘Rage‘ was

Review: “Take Cover” by Throwdown

Six years after 2014’s “Intolerance“, the last album from Orange County California’s Throwdown made its appearance, a compilation of previously released cover songs has been released via Pit Viper Records. The tracks each have their own story behind them and at each turn there have been a collection of other covers that the band played