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NEWS: Thrall return from the wilderness with “Tyrant”!

It seems that not all who wander are lost as after seven long years Melbourne Australia based Black Metal collective Thrall have returned having departed after their critically acclaimed album “Aokigahara Jukai” was released. A fresh line up that features members of Gatecreeper, Noose Rot, ex-Extinct Exist, Förfalla, Slothferatu, ex-Ruins, Mar Mortuum and Myotragus has

Review: “Adorned In Ruin” by Golgothan Remains

Holding an unforgiving World to rights with their own brand of Death Metal since their 2016 self titled demo walked from the undergrowth that surrounds the Australian Underground scene and announced itself, Golgothan Remains obliterated all expectations when their 2018 debut full length “Perverse Offerings to the Void” was met with critical acclaim. A monster

Review: “Order Of Chaos” by Descent

Engineered by Brendan Auld at Black Blood Audio, mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Gatecreeper, Year Of The Knife) at God City Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright (God’s Hate, Drug Church, Wristmeetrazor) at Audioseige, “Order of Chaos” is the sophomore album from HM2 inspired Swedish Death Metal quintet Descent from Brisbane, Australia with grandiose artwork

Review: “The Grotesque Arena” by Feculent

What happens when a collection of four musicians known for their work in Black, Death and Thrash Metal get together in a rehearsal space and play some Jack Daniels Beer Pong? Ideas are birthed, bonds are forged and the end product is a both a new project and a new record. The project is called

Review: “The Great Ascension” by EOS

The stone that faces the Gods in an act of defiance in EOS has been a project that has been something of a labour of love. The forge was lit over a decade ago with the concepts that form “The Great Ascension” being crafted long before the recording sessions began. Those sessions didn’t begin until

Review: “Self Titled” by Resin Tomb

How is it that some musicians can keep their fingers in many pies, spinning the plates of multiple projects simultaneously while keeping each one different and distinctive? For Resin Tomb who feature members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent and Snorlax among others in their ranks, it’s a challenge. Vocalist Matthew Budge, drummer Perry Vedelago and