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NEWS: Brothers Till We Die premier “Odyssey: 2012 to 2020 Discography”!

Spanish Metallic Hardcore crew Brothers Till We Die have done something pretty unquie during lockdown. They’ve taken material from each one of their 5 records and created a medley called “Odyssey: 2012 to 2020 Discography” complete with a music video in which the band members play through the material against a green screen backdrop replaced

Bootleg: Brothers Till We Die at Resurrection Fest 2019!

Featuring a cover of “Raining Blood” by Slayer and “(sic)” by Slipknot, here’s the full pro-shot set from Madrid Hardcore crew Brothers Till We Die at Spain’s Resurrection Fest 2019. If you missed it, their Sophomore album “Touch These Wounds I Came Back From Death” is out now and adds Deathcore touches to their sound!

NEWS: Brothers Till We Die get to the Devil’s Work!

Extracted from their heavy hitting album “Touch These Wounds, I came back from Death” that reared it’s ugly head last summer via Dead Serious Recordings, Spanish homewreckers Brothers Till We Die have provided us with the necessary fuel with a music video for “The Conjuring“. Shout outs go to Felipe Alemán who edited the footage

Documentary: In the Van with Brothers Till We Die!

Madrid Metallic Hardcore crew Brothers Till We Die have shared a 5 minute behind the scenes snippet from their 2019 European Tour! They’ve made this one a gritty short from the road rather than a montage of live footage so you can get a feel for the not so cool bit that goes hand in

Review: “Crucify Me” by Dead Crown

After the release of their EP “Come Hell” it only seemed natural that Portland Oregon residents Dead Crown would get picked up by Stay Sick Recordings. They’re a perfect fit for the kind of band that have been appearing on their roster of late and so to see the quartet – Brent Sheffield (Bass), Bryton

Bootleg: “Kingdom of Filth” from Brothers Till We Die!

Filmed at Ressurection Fest in Spain this summer and appearing on their latest offering “Touch These Wounds I Came Back From Death”, here’s “Kingdom of Filth” from Metallic Hardcore favourites Brothers Till We Die! Yes it’s got subtitles for some unknown reason but that doesn’t qualify it as a lyric video!

Documentary: Brothers Till We Die in Romania!

Brothers Till We Die have documented their recent trip to Romania for the Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019. The Brutal Hardcore band delivered “Touch These Wounds I Came Back From Death” earlier this year and you can check out our review of that fine piece of work! We were never convinced by the Picasso esq cover

NEWS: Brothers Till We Die: Strictly Hardcore!

Keeping it strictly Hardcore, Spaniards Brothers Till We Die have given us a single that is a contender for the longest song title of 2019! It’s called “She Said Don’t Make Me Other Suffer For Your Personal Hatred (True Love Ends)” and it’s taken from their upcoming 5th July record “Touch These Wounds, I Came

NEWS: Brothers Till We Die are “Crying For The Dead”!

Hailing from Madrid Spain, Brothers Till We Die will be bringing out a brand new album entitled “Touch These Wounds I Came Back From Death” on 24th June! The follow up to their brilliant 2017 album “The Thin Line Between Death And Immortality”, it promises much with this new cut “Llorando a Los Muertos” (or