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Playthrough: “Threads” by Dear Mother!

They may no longer be bullet proof but Dear Mother will soon be a necessary evil. 19th April is when their next EP “Necessary Darkness” drops and it will be accompanied by four Dutch shows, two of which have sold out. Ahead of that, guitarists Merel Bechtold and Ferry Duijsens have given us a strings

NEWS: Dear Mother muse on the demise of mankind…

Set to appear at both Wacken and Summer Breeze Festivals in Germany this summer, Dutch specialists in upbeat, bittersweet, downright dirty, electro-infused Alternative Metal Dear Mother are preparing for the release of a new EP titled “Necessary Darkness“. That is set for 19th April as the band continue to work on a sophomore album, with a

Playthrough: “Wildfire” from Dear Mother!

Specialising in upbeat, bittersweet, downright dirty, electro-infused Alternative Metal, Dutch outfit Dear Mother have been celebrating a million Spotify streams for their debut album “Bulletproof” of late. Having shared the first single “Wildfire” from an as yet undated and untitled EP which is available for pre-order without a track listing or artwork here, the band

NEWS: Dear Mother pour fuel on the fire!

In a celebratory mood after their debut album “Bulletproof” reached a million Spotify streams, Dutch Alternative Metal act Dear Mother have shared a new single titled “Wildfire“. Specialising in upbeat, bittersweet, downright dirty, electro-infused metal, the band have big plans ahead as the as yet undated and untitled EP to be released as well as

NEWS: Dear Mother won’t shatter like glass!

Having successfully crowdfunded an EP for a 2024 release, Dear Mother have once again demonstrated the fear factor of AI with a stable diffusion music video for a taste from it in “Unbreakable“. At the time of writing they’ve reached 132% of what they asked as a fully fledged independent outfit but are still offering

NEWS: Dear Mother fall in love with Marcela Bovio!

Dear Mother, the brainchild of Dutch guitarist Merel Bechtold and singer David Pear have released an alternative version of their track “Heart”. The track, which originally appeared on the bands 2021 crowdfunded debut album “Bulletproof”, has been re-recorded with Marcela Bovio (Stream Of Passion, Dark Horse | White Horse, MaYan) taking the lead vocal role

Exclusive Interview: Dear Mother talk “Bullet Proof”!

A hugely successful crowdfunding campaign for a band who had release no prior material followed by a trio of singles that blew any form of expectations out of the water ahead of the champagne bottle smashing on the side of the the ship that is Dear Mother before it set sail on the voyage “Bulletproof”

NEWS: Dear Mother wait for “The Ones Below”?

A compilation of clips documenting the journey that Dear Mother went on to create their freshly released crowd funded debut album “Bullet Proof” has been used to create a music video for “The Ones Below” to celebrate the release day. One we reviewed earlier this week, it features swathes of synths cut through by crushing

Review: “Bullet Proof” by Dear Mother

Seeking to create music with no boundaries David Pear (vocals), Merel Bechtold (guitars) and Joey Marin de Boer (drums) left established bands having toured the World to take the path less travelled and form one of their own. They formed Dear Mother and after a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign their debut record together “Bullet Proof” began to