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NEWS: Dying Fetus declare War on Europe!

Timed to coincide with with the start of their European tour with Nasty, Cabal and Frozen Soul, Death Metal veterans Dying Fetus have dropped a new single in “Unbridled Fury” with a music video directed by Eric Richter. It looks as though slowly but surely the band are making good on their January 2022 promise

Review: “Cabal” by Palace Of Worms

Originally conceived as the solo project of Nicholas “Balan” Katich circa 2007, the Bay Area Californian avant-garde Metal entity Palace Of Worms has gradually evolved into something of a Behemoth. While Balan remains the mastermind at work, upon this new album he is joined by an accomplished cast of co-conspirators including Trevor Deschryver (Lycus, Silence in

NEWS: Distant tag team in 16 guest vocalists for “Argent Justice”!

Rising Deathcore enthusiasts Distant have continued to prove Century Media correct in signing them with the release of a new cut titled “Argent Justice“. It features no less than 16 guest vocalists, each of whom along with Alan Grnja have also contributed their own lyrics, the inspiration for which is said to have come from

NEWS: Palace Of Worms announce “Cabal”!

Joined by a myriad of co-conspirators including Trevor Deschryver (Lycus, Silence in the Snow, Deafheaven), Sammy Fielding (Noctooa), Roberto Martinelli (Botanist), Dylan Neal (Thief), Shelby Lermo (Vastum, Ulthar), Hunter Burgan (AFI), Andy Way (Thoabath, Sutekh Hexen), Elizabeth Gladding (Lotus Thief, Forlesen), Meghan Wood (Crown of Asteria) to name but a few is Nicholas “Balan” Katich,

Bootleg: Dying Fetus in Ottawa Canada!

Yeah, we should probably replace the artwork from 2018 that graces this but hey, if it ain’t broke… filmed at The Brass Monkey in Ottawa Canada on 5th September here are four classic cuts from Dying Fetus in “Grotesque Impalement“, “Compulsion for Cruelty“, “Justifiable Homicide” and “Subjected to a Beating“. You can catch Dying Fetus

Bootleg: Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2022 in Berlin!

If you enjoyed the ongoing Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2022 or if you fancy a peak at what you missed out on, the 17th November stop at SO36 in Berlin Germany has been ram raided by Core Community who have given us a cut from After The Burial, Suicide Silence, Currents, Spite, Invent Animate,

NEWS: Dying Fetus, Nasty, Cabal and Frozen Soul. February!

The World’s of Death Metal and Hardcore from both sides of the Globe will unite in February as Dying Fetus, Nasty, Cabal and Frozen Soul loop across Europe from Cologne to Munich with five opportunities to see them in our neck of the woods. New cuts are expected to be aired during the run of

Live Review: Radar Festival 2022 Day #2 (Saturday)!

The second of three at the Casino Night Club in Guildford for Radar Festival is a big one with bigger crowds and slush puppy style pints of frozen Pimm’s on offer as well as a plethora of bands bringing riffs in plentiful supply from 13:00 to the midnight hour to keep us entertained. We predict