NEWS: Distant tag team in 16 guest vocalists for “Argent Justice”!

Rising Deathcore enthusiasts Distant have continued to prove Century Media correct in signing them with the release of a new cut titled “Argent Justice“. It features no less than 16 guest vocalists, each of whom along with Alan Grnja have also contributed their own lyrics, the inspiration for which is said to have come from animated shows of the 90’s where crossover superhero franchises occurred. 10th February is when the bands third album “Heritage” will drop…

The cast list for this one reads as follows:

  • Tomáš Klár (Abbie Falls)
  • Kevin Petersen (Acranius)
  • Marcus Jasak (Acranius)
  • Casey Tyson-Pearce (AngelMaker)
  • Colton Bennet (AngelMaker)
  • Mike Greenwood (AngelMaker)
  • Kyle Medina (Bodysnatcher)
  • Andreas Bjulver (Cabal)
  • Andrew Baena (Carcosa)
  • Johnny Ciardullo (Carcosa)
  • Dan Tucker (Crown Magnetar)
  • Frankie Palmeri (Emmure)
  • Marc Zellweger (Paleface)
  • Eddie Hermida (Suicide Silence)
  • Aaron Matts (ten56.)
  • Devin Duarte (Worm Shepherd)

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