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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Rob Zombie Ed.

“Hellbilly Deluxe: 13 Tales of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside the Spookshow International” is the critically acclaimed 1998 debut album of Rob Zombie, his first solo album after the tearing apart of White Zombie. Co-written by Charlie Clouser formerly Nine Inch Nails and with a video that saw Rob Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon doing what you might

NEWS: Suicide Silence announce live album with KoRn cover!

12th July will see the second compilation of cuts from Suicide Silence in less than a month. Coming from the vaults of Nuclear Blast and called “Live & Mental” which was recorded at a mental health awareness charity event in 2015. It’s available for digital pre-order over at iTunes. The track listing is below but

Bootleg: “Sacred Words” from Suicide Silence!

Switching from the sadly departed and much missed Mitch Lucker to former All Shall Perish frontman Eddie Hermida for their latest official bootleg offering around the freshly released “Rare Ass Sh*t” 2002-2006 era compilation of output, Riverside California Deathcore heavyweights Suicide Silence have let us have a version of “Sacred Words”. Filmed at Summer Breeze

Bootleg: Suicide Silence raid the liquor cabinet for inspiration?

Deathcore heavyweights Suicide Silence have continued their bootleg releases of live footage around their new rarities album “Rare Ass Sh*t” that documents the 2002-2006 era of the band with a trio of releases. Filmed live at the Showcase in Corona are “Destruction of a Statue” and “Distorted Thought of Addiction” while from Robot Mosh Fest

Bootleg: “Engine No. 9” from Suicide Silence!

Riverside California Deathcore heavyweights Suicide Silence have celebrated their massive 27 track stop gap rarities album, the cunningly titled “Rare Ass Sh*t” that documents the 2002-2006 era of the band with a Pro-Shot recording of their cover of “Engine No. 9” by Deftones. A Mitch Lucker favourite, this was recorded in August 2011.

NEWS: Lastbreath let out the “Wolfpack”!

Perhaps named after the Hatebreed track of the same name that was covered by Suicide Silence, Cagliari Italy hardcore collective Lastbreath are readying to show the World what they’re about with new album “Thousand Traitors” appearing on 1st June! From that release here’s single “Wolfpack” get test the waters!

Riff Police! Pull Over! #52: The Acacia Strain Vs Suicide Silence!

Having just celebrated its tenth anniversary it’s time we spoke of “Continent” by The Acacia Strain. The Chicopee Massachusetts Deathcore heavyweights have been around since 2001 and having beefed with Emmure for a long time the opening track of that beast of an album “Skynet” could either feature a 3 line vocal attack on the

The Black Map #52: Realm of Torment from Southampton!

What’s in a name? What’s in a genre or sub-genre tag? When your band label themselves as “Metalcore” in 2019 it can literally mean just about anything. So much so that often the word “Metalcore” is used to replace the word “Metal”. So your band is a five piece with a twin guitar attack and