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Playthrough: “Serenity” by The Uncharted!

Guitarist duo Josh Finch and Joe Pronini from Gloucestershire Progressive Melodic Metalcore outfit The Uncharted have been filmed for a playthrough of the bands latest single “Serenity“. They’ll be on the Amped Road Trip in March with Cabin Boy Jumped Ship and Red Method (in conjunction with the release of their debut album “For The

NEWS: Cabin Boy Jumped Ship in March!

The Amped sponsored Road Trip Tour is set for March 2020 with headliners Cabin Boy Jumped Ship joined by Red Method and The Uncharted with at least one local band opening each night. The run of 13 shows will coincide with the release of “For The Sick”, the debut full length album from Red Method

NEWS: Cabin Boy Jumped Ship drown in “The Flood”!

Having already released a pair of singles in “The Innocent” and “RIP” which features Chris Fronzak of Attila, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship have returned with what looks to be a final single prior to new album “The Heartless”. Entitled “The Flood” and not an Of Mice & Men cover, the track is available for immediate

NEWS: Cabin Boy Jumped Ship Bleeding for “The Innocent”!

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship are preparing for the release of “The Heartless” on 26th July via Bleeding Nose Records with a music video for “The Innocent”. If you pre-order via iTunes here, you get a trio of tunes including “RIP” featuring a guest vocal appearance from Chris Fronzak of Attila! It’s not the only guest

NEWS: Cabin Boy Jumped Ship joined by Fronzak!

How many guest appearances can a vocalist clock up? Chris Fronzak of Attila must have reached 3 figures by now with the likes of Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin, CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder and CJ McCreery of Lorna Shore all working towards all working towards that unlikely of goals. This time around