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NEWS: Cape Kong call out the Scoundrels?

…with their second single of 2023 in “Scoundrel“, Pennsylvanian Nu-Deathcore entity Cape Kong have been found responsible for triggering the tectonic plate movements that are causing the continent of Africa to split in two. That has taken just two years and now five original recipes with a cover of “Spit It Out” by Slipknot rearing

Playthrough: “Grace of Blades” from Cape Kong!

13 months after the release of single “Grace of Blades”, Pennsylvanian Metal institution Cape Kong have shared a guitar playthrough of the cut  performed by audio engineer and guitarist Luke Fiadino and guitarist Colin Gale. A little bit of Slam, some Hardcore, a pinch of Beatdown and an unhealthy dose of DJent (which according to

NEWS: Cape Kong find grace and beauty in the strangest of places…

What happens when they make a film about King Kong descending on Cape Fear? Cape Kong. The Pennsylvanian Metal institution have unveiled their latest burnt offering in one called “Grace Of Blades” a fifth in all since 2021’s “False God” broke the thin ice. Slam, Hardcore, Beatdown, DJent (which according to pioneers Periphery isn’t a

NEWS: Cape Kong return to “False God” for a showdown!

Seamlessly blending DJent, Beatdown, Slam and Hardcore into a Witches brew for us to go Bananas for Pennsylvania’s Cape Kong have premiered a music video for “False God” that sees bassist Colin Gale and guitarist Kenny Stroh, both of DeadVectors and Pathogen fame making cameo appearances. The single itself isn’t a new one and was

NEWS: Cape Kong escape from the Traitors grasp?

Complete with a guest vocal appearance from Tyler Shelton of Traitors, Pennsylvanian Deathcore duo Cape Kong have shared a new single titled “Escapist“, a collaboration that was hinted at on Christmas Day as the band shared a message from Shelton to the Cape Kong Cult. The bands third in all it follows “The Harvest” and

NEWS: Cape Kong prepare of the harvest!

“They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What’s blood for, if not for shedding? With my hook for a hand, I’ll split you from your groin to your gullet” ~ Candyman What happens when you fuse together Cape Fear and King Kong? You get the brain child of vocalist Brandon Lang and multi-instrumentalist Luke