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NEWS: Carcass get “Slaughtered In Soho”!

The legendary Carcass have once again awoken from hibernation and issued a warning that their Death Metal Crown remains firmly upon their collective heads with “Despicable“, a new EP which serves as the starter before the main course that will be “Torn Arteries” in 2021. To celebrate the release of the EP they’ve shared a

Review: “Furies in the Steppes from Russia” by Noitatalid

Citing influences from the likes of Slayer, Carcass and Obituary, a Brutal Death Metal trio who like to dabble in grindcore, Andrei Tatalid (Guitar & Lead Vocal), Vitaly Tatalid (Bass Guitar) and Aleksey Tatalid (Drums) hail from Ilyinsky Pogost in Russia and form Noitatalid, loosely translating as ‘Witch Tales‘. Their debut album “Furies in the

Review: “Formations of a World Below” by This Is Endless

London Death Metal quintet This Is Endless are made up of members of Ted Maul, Dripback, Dead Beyond Buried and Onlsaught. Blending elements and ideolgies of Hardcore into their Death Metal frenzy, whilst never forgetting the undercurrent of groove in Hardcore of their roots, paid homage to the genre with the appearance of none other

Review: “Undead” EP by H8teball

Originally forming in early 2017, Kirkcaldy, Scotland based five piece H8teball had to put the breaks on their plans for World domination due to the departure of their original drummer and vocalist. Filling those gaps proved tougher than you might think but after resolving the issue in early 2019, the new line-up of Daniel Shannon

NEWS: Spoil Engine trapped in a “Golden Cage”!

When you’re lucky enough to be joined by Jeff Walker of Carcass fame for a single, you know that you need to make the most of it. Female fronted part Belgian part Dutch Arising Empire signings Spoil Engine did exactly that with single “The Hallow” one of the stant out tracks on their November 2019

Review: “Verminous” by The Black Dahlia Murder

In 2001 when The Black Dahlia Murder first appeared on the scene, they were lumped in with heavy end Metalcore acts despite their clear Death Metal stylisations. Taking their name from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as Black Dahlia, 2020 sees the Waterford Michigan act delivering their ninth studio album via

Riff Police! Pull Over! #94: Carcass Vs Origin

Recorded at Studio One in Racine Wisconsin in 2001 and released in June 2002 via Relapse Records, “Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas” is the sophomore album from American Technical Death Metallers Origin. Hailing from Topeka Kansas and formed in 1997, they’re known for heavy use of sweep picking, arpeggios and blast beats not to mention brutal growling

Throwback: “Deathbox” from Mnemic!

Back in 2004 Danish Metallers Mnemic put down a gauntlet for the Industrial Metal scene with “The Audio Injected Soul” appearing via Nuclear Blast. Formed six years earlier in Aalborg and creating music that crosses sub-genres to formulate their own “Future Fusion Metal” hybrid sound Mnemic took their name from an acronym for ‘Mainly Neurotic Energy

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of Spoil Engine!

As new album “Renaissance Noire” from from Belgian female fronted Groove Metal quartet Spoil Engine just a couple of weeks old, drummer Matthijs Quaars takes us behind the scenes of “The Hollow” which features a guest appearance from Jeff Walker of Carcass fame and “R!ot”. They’ve also announced they’ll be playing Durbury Rock Festival in