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NEWS: The hate is real again for Body Count!

While Body Count have announced that they’ve begun work on the follow up to “Carnivore” entitled “MERCILESS“, the band have also unveiled a second fan made music video for their cut “The Hate Is Real“. Submitted as part of a competition, the Grammy award winners have chosen one created by German filmmaker Joerg Harms (Black

NEWS: Body Count go Sock Puppet for “The Hate Is Real”!

Things just don’t stop in the World of Body Count. Having recently won the “Best Metal Performance” category at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards for their track “Bum-Rush”, they’ve now picked out a video created by 25 year old Brooklyn, NY-based filmmaker, Seby Martinez for “The Hate Is Real” as their next single from their

Bootleg: Body Count at Wacken!

The welcome return after eight long years of Ice T’s crossover Thrash Metal act Body Count with “Manslaughter” in 2014 was not only a surprise but something that has lead on to a three album streak of success with 2020’s “Carnivore” getting mixed and mastered by Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose). Each

NEWS: Body Count “Point The Finger”!

Featuring a guest appearance from Riley Gale of Power Trip and a foreword from Ice T himself, Body Count have gone to the effort of creating a music video for “Point The Finger” from their cell phones while on lockdown. They’ve given the footage to Jay Rodriguez of Itchy House Films and he’s edited it

Bootleg: Body Count in Brooklyn New York!

Going back to 2014 and “Manslaughter“, Body Count were back with a resurgence that no one expected and on top of their game. So here’s a full set from them at Afro Punk Fest 2014 at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn New York on 23rd August. In case you missed it, new album “Carnivore“, Produced,

Interview: Out Take Reel from Little Punk People!

One thing you don’t get with films on Netflix is the classic gag reel, so Little Punk People have put together a reel of their own out takes from of their older interviews. Talk of Ghosts and Aliens with members of Slayer, Municipal Waste, Body Count and more hosted by Elliott Fullam? You can’t go

Interview: Body Count talk “Carnivore”!

Heavy New York were granted an audience with Body Count bassist Vincent Price to talk about the bands Will Putney produced new album “Carnivore“. The Los Angeles California act who usually let outspoken frontman Ice-T do the talking have switched up their sound and once again outdone themselves with this record. Topics of conversation include

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Colors.

Today’s head to head otherwise known as Vs Tuesday, in which we face off two bands who have covered the same song and let you decide who the winner is as the ultimate judge is actually kind of a cheat. Why? Well in the Red Corner (trademark, patient applied for) we have Body Count, who

NEWS: Body Count debut “Bum Rush”!

6th March will see the new album from Ice T’s Metal band Body Count return with a new album entitled “Carnivore“. It will be their third in a row with the legendary Will Putney on the boards and will appear via label Century Media. Having already thrown down the guantlet with the music video for