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Playthrough: “Towards Infinihilistic Purity” by Carnosus!

Two weeks after the sighting of the UFO which is now known to be “Visions Of Infinihility” by Örebro Sweden based Technical Death Metal Carnosus, the band have allowed screamer Jonatan Karasiak out of the basement for a one take vocal performance of “Towards Infinihilistic Purity“. It’s the metaphorical equivalent of an hour in the

Playthrough: “Ossein Larcenist” from Carnosus!

The evil eye of Carnosus cries a thousand tears as guitarist Rickard Perrson gives a demonstration of “Ossein Larcenist” from the Technical Death Metal acts recently deceased abomination “Visions Of Infinihility” from Orebro Sweden. All of that means we’ve skillfully avoided the temptation to make jokes about Captain of the USS Enterprise Jean-Luc Picard or

Playthrough: “Calamity Crawl” from Carnosus!

Ahead of the 10th February arrival of “Visions Of Infinihility” by Örebro Sweden based Technical Death Metal Carnosus, bassist Marcus Strindlund has given us a playthrough of the second cut from the album. Titled “Calamity Crawl” it’s performed on a seven string bass, something which the band themselves describe as “7-string-phat-bass-brutalism“. If you like what

Review: “Visions of Infinihility” by Carnosus

A concept album set within the same dystopian universe as their 2020 debut full length album “Dogma Of The Deceased” and lyrically centred around a tyrannical reign with the purpose of repopulating the world with a cadaverine-like race “Visions of Infinihility” marks the sophomore release from Örebro Sweden based Technical Progressive Melodic Death Metal act

Playthrough: “In Debt To Oblivion” from Carnosus!

The poison chalice overflows with the tears of the Cyclops as Swedish Technical Death Metal act Carnosus prepare to unveil “Visions Of Infinihility” on 10th February. The band have described the record as both a prequel and a contemporary side-story to their previous album, 2020’s “Dogma Of The Deseased“, which explores the same universe. They