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Throwback: “Refuse/Resist” from Sepultura!

An album from which it is near impossible to choose a favourite cut from, the 30th Anniversary of “Chaos A.D.” from Brazilian Metal Gods Sepultura is one that we can’t let go of without celebrating. People will talk about “Roots” but for us, this Groove Metal masterclass is the album to beat, the opening unholy

NEWS: Cavalera brothers celebrate Sepultura in the UK in November!

Having unleashed their re-recorded versions of “Morbid Visions” and “Bestial Devastation” from Sepultura under their Cavalera Conspiracy moniker, Max and Iggor Cavalera will be joined by Max‘s son Igor Amadeus Cavalera (Healing Magic, Go Ahead And Die) on bass and Travis Stone (Pig Destroyer, Desolus) on lead guitar for a live celebration of those works.

NEWS: It’s Bestial Devastation again for the Cavalera brothers!

As if you haven’t already heard, the Cavalera brothers Max and Iggor have revisited their rich history and re-recorded both 1985’s “Bestial Devastation” and it’s follow up in 1986’s “Morbid Visions”. Mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Municipal Waste, Kreator, Jungle Rot), both feature a bonus track from the era with “Burn The Dead” and

NEWS: The Cavalera brothers return to 1985!

14th July will see not one but two re-recorded  Sepultura albums released under the name Cavalera by brothers Max and Iggor via Nuclear Blast. 1985’s “Bestial Devastation” and it’s follow up in 1986’s “Morbid Visions” and are records in question with both being mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Municipal Waste, Kreator, Jungle Rot). Intriguingly

Bootleg: Max & Iggor “Return Beneath Arise” tour!

Filmed at The Underground in Charlotte North Carolina on 19th October here’s Max & Iggor Cavalera continuing their “Return Beneath Arise” tour. The pair who everyone knows founded Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura but are no longer in the band and have periodically been touring to celebrate the seminal albums like “Beneath the Remains” (1989) and

Bootleg: Max and Iggor Cavalera “Return To Roots”!

It seems a little strange that a few days after the release of the new Soulfly album “Totem” that  Max and Iggor Cavalera would be in San Paulo Brazil to once again “Return To Roots“. But they were and the full set from 7th August at Audio Club that celebrates 25 years of the record

NEWS: Incite partake in war soup with Max Cavalera!

They may have released it on streaming platforms a couple of weeks back but it was inevitable that Pheonix Arizona Thrash Metal outfit Incite would share a music video for “War Soup“, a single that sees Ritchie Cavalera and Max Cavalera share a microphone for the first time in a long time. Due to issues

Throwback: “Arise” by Sepultura!

Rewinding the tape thirty years to 1991 and the fourth studio album from Sepultura is where we find ourselves. The band chose Scott Burns (Decide, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary) who was a vital cog in the wheel in the Florida Death Metal scene to produce at his home studio giving the album a huge step up

NEWS: The Absence have faith in death!

Earlier this summer Florida Melodic Death Metallers with Thrash influences The Absence who feature in their ranks members Hot Graves, Venom Inc, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Massacre known for heart-wrenching melodies and skull-pounding aggression unveiled a long awaited fifth album mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (Immortal, Overkill, Scar Symmetry) at Sweden’s Black Lounge Studios via M-Theory Audio. A beast of