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NEWS: Celestial Sanctuary warn of “Koalemos”!

A prolific writer of quality material and a Gatecreeper fan, Road Mutant guitarist Tom Cronin’s Death Metal side project Celestial Sanctuary have dropped their third single. Entitled “Koalemos“, it’s an evil tale born from the Greek Mythology about a demon, the god of stupidity and foolishness that possesses idiots. You find it over at bandcamp

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Surprises of 2019!

Between Christmas and New Year it’s Listmania season here at Metal Noise. We bang our heads together, have a few beers and celebrate The Good, The Bad and The downright Ugly of the past year with a bunch of short lists of things we think are worthy of note. So today’s action is the Top

NEWS: Celestial Sanctuary smash “Wretched Habits”!

Starting a new wave of British Death Metal, Road Mutant guitarist Tom Cronin has unleashed the second cut from a four track demo that his side project of sorts Celestial Sanctuary has put together. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Abbey Dungeon with Illustration by Manuscript of Death, here’s “Wretched Habits” from “Mass Extinction”! It’s

NEWS: Celestial Sanctuary launch with “Mass Extinction” demo!

“Have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened, Are you going round the twist?” sang Tamsin West… Road Mutant guitarist Tom Cronin has launched a Death Metal side project of sorts called Celestial Sanctuary. Why? Because “It’s pretty f*@$!%# heavy and caveman. Limited bands of that ilk in the UK at the moment, so I fancied