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NEWS: Enemynside rust in peace!

As they did for a cover of “Tornado Of Souls“, Italian Thrash Metal outfit Enemynside have taken the original isolated drum tracks from Nick Menza and bass tracks from Dave Ellefson and added their own vocal and guitar parts for a unique cover of “Lucretia” by Megadeth. As their Rockshots Records released album “Chaos Machine”

NEWS: Enemynside suffered defeat?

For the last few years the promotional cycle of a Metal record has usually involved a trio of music videos before the albums drops, alongside interviews and playthrough videos but there are a few bands who buck that trend and do something different. One of those bands is Italian Thrash Metal act Enemynside. Back in

NEWS: Enemynside indulge in a little “Battery”!

The Chaos Machine of Italian Thrash Metallers Enemynside has returned with a cover of “Battery” by Metallica to brighten up the darkest of days. The song takes the isolated bass and drums of the original parts from Cliff Burton and Lars Ulrich in the same way the band did with their cover of “Tornado of

NEWS: Enemynside predict the oncoming storm?

Italian Thrash Metallers Enemynside have returned to “Chaos Machine” for a lyric video. The track of choice is “Shitstorm“, a track that has that Pantera groove and is about strike of the people who have witnessed and suffered the abuse of someone in power. Speaking of a “Shitstorm“, maybe it’s time to return to “Alien” by

NEWS: Enemynside cover “Tornado Of Souls”!

Taking the original isolated drum tracks from Nick Menza and bass tracks from Dave Ellefson, Italian Thrash act Enemynside have recorded a cover of the classic “Tornado Of Souls” by Megadeth. We reviewed their Rockshots Records album “Chaos Machine” back in October and it’s an absolute beast, steeped in the history of the genre.

NEWS: Enemynside set the “Deadline”!

Italian Thrash Metallers Enemynside have given us a lyric video for “Deadline” on celebration of their politically and socially aware new album “Chaos Machine” out today via Rockshots Records! We had the pleasure of reviewing earlier in the week and it’s something that everyone can enjoy! If you’re a fan of Bay Area Thrash then

Review: “Chaos Machine” by Enemynside

Originally called Scapegoat from their 1994 inception to 1999 when the band changed its name to Enemynside, the Italian Thrash Metallers have had wide reaching and varying career touring Italy and Europe and sharing stages with the likes of Destruction, Dismember, Blaze Bayley, Necrodeath, Extrema and Flotsam And Jetsam to name but a few. “Chaos

NEWS: Enemynside trapped on a “Frozen Prison Cell”!

Italian thrashers Enemynside may have a name that provokes thoughts of Nu-Metal but fortunately have a sound that is in no way shape or form related to.rhe music of Brokencyde. They have released their new music video for  “Frozen Prison Cell” the first single off their forthcoming album “Chaos Machine” due out October 25th via Rockshots Records. Guitarist Matteo Bellezza