Review: “This Is War” by Enemynside

Having entertained us with a few classic Thrash covers including works by Metallica and Megadeth since their last album “Chaos Machine” dropped via Rockshots Records in October 2019, it feels like we’re half past due a new record from Rome based Italian stallions Enemynside. To that end, Vocalist and Guitarist Francesco Cremisini, Guitarist Matteo Bellezza, Drummer Fabio Milgori and Bassist Andrea Pistone have switched allegiances to Ad Noctem Records for the “This Is War“, entering Kick Recording Studio to record with Marco Mastrobuono who also mixed and mastered, editing being handled by Stefano Mastronicola…

Classic Thrash riffs light up the sky as “This Is War” takes to flight like a phoenix from the ashes with flavours of Pantera and a peach of a solo after the first verse. A lyrical depiction of Cremisini’s hatred of humanity and what we have done to the planet as well as each other, it may be a chorus over long in repetition but it makes up for it with the riffs. Sonically a force to be reckoned with, the false ending is perfectly executed before arcing back up through a solo in slick style, even managing to shoehorn a Thrash breakdown section in the final moments which is absolute class. Following suit “Twisted Reality” is from the same playbook, classic Thrash riffs straight out of the Bay Area Golden era of the genre in the 1980’s that have been brought up to date with modern production values. Cremisini echos the sentiment of Max Cavalera with the statement “Will I die on my feet or on my knees?” as the riffs flow, the tight rhythm section keeping things at a high octane gallop. A prize pair that leave you wanting more, this is a fine example of how releasing an EP whets the appetite and prepares the ground for the next full length while at the same time keeping fans happy [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. This Is War
  2. Twisted Reality

This Is War” by Enemynside is out now via Ad Noctem Records and available over at bandcamp.

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