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Playthrough: “Suck It Up” from I Am Pariah!

The summer will see “Charm Before The Storm” getting played in full by I Am Pariah as they join Hellfekted, Thrasherwolf and Burning The Padre at Coalville Metal Invasion, Reaper in Oldham and King Abyss in Stoke. Before then, they’ve announced a new drummer on throne in Jay Wez with a drum playthrough video for

NEWS: I Am Pariah ready to “Kill The Modern World”!

One of the highlights of their new EP “Charm Before The Storm“, Mixed and Mastered by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, has been picked out from the bunch by I Am Pariah for the lyric video treatment in “Kill The Modern World” and has been given a retro technicolor swinging 60’s look to it,

Review: “Charm Before The Storm” by I Am Pariah

After sharing stages with Phoxjaw and Light The Torch who feature former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones on their first full UK tour run, Stoke Nu-Metalcore merchantsĀ I Am Pariah were forced to delay their plans for the follow up their 2018 EP “Procreate Annihilate” due to the Global Pandemic. Rethinking their methods, “Charm Before The

NEWS: I Am Pariah unveil a second cut from “Charm Before The Storm”!

Mixed and Mastered by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, I Am Pariah have a unveiled another song from their upcoming 27th November releasing EP “Charm Before The Storm“. Entitled “Sicko” it follows “Suck It Up“, this time in lyric video form with the Stoke Nu-Metalcore merchants opening up physical pre-orders here. You may have

Interview: I Am Pariah talk “Charm Before The Storm”!

A month ago, Stoke natives I Am Pariah unveiled the first single of a new EP in “Suck It Up” and for vocalist and lyricist, Benjamin Antony James, his experience of the pandemic as a NHS mental health nurse gave him an alternative perspective as to how he and the band would see the band’s