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NEWS: It Came From Beneath see “Fading Lights”!

Lyon France’s Deathcore quintet It Came From Beneath have released a music video for “Fading Lights” which features a guest vocal from Johan Girardeau of Celeste fame. The track appears on their anvil heavy album “Clair Obscur”. Check out our review!

Review: “Clair Obscur” by It Came From Beneath

Formed in 2010 and comprising vocalist Léo Muller, drummer Julien Ropert, bassist Nico Colère and axe wielding duo Lorenzo Di Biase & Etn Lpz, It Came From Beneath are very much a Deathcore band from Lyon, France. “Clair Obscur” is the bands second full length album, following their debut “When No Light Remains” in 2013, while