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Review: “Cold World EP” by Fallbrawl

So here’s the thing. German Metallic Hardcore quartet Fallbrawl made their debut back in 2008 with an album called “Cold World” and after 14 years together and four studio albums (2012’s “Pure Mayhem“, 2015’s “Chaos Reigns” and 2019’s “Darkness” being the other three) they’ve re-recorded four of their best known tracks for an EP that

Bootleg: Fallbrawl at Fury Fest!

Their previous album “Darkness” maybe less than 12 months old but German Metallic Hardcore wrecking ball Fallbrawl have announced via social media that a new EP entitled “Cold World” will drop on 18th September. There are no pre-order links, cover art or track listings as yet so here is a full set from the band