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Playthrough: “Chemicals” from Conquer Divide!

August saw the return of all female Metalcore act Conquer Divide with a single entitled “Chemicals” after a five year hiatus, once again working with Joey Sturgis (Oceano, Attila, We Came As Romans), who produced their 2015 self titled record. New drummer Samantha Landa has been let off the leash for a playthrough video for that very

Documentary: Conquer Divide read mean tweets!

It might have been done once or twice before but it hasn’t got old yet, so here’s 15 minutes of all female Metalcore act Conquer Divide reading mean tweets, filmed by Kirsten Sturgis. They returned with a pair of new tracks after a five year hiatus, recording with Joel Sturgis, including a Billie Eilish cover

NEWS: Conquer Divide back for round #2!

After a five year hiatus, a second new single in the space of a week has appeared from Conquer Divide. Once again seeing Joey Sturgis (Oceano, Attila, We Came As Romans), who produced their 2015 self titled record, behind the boards, this one sees the ladies switch “Chemicals” for “Bad Guy” by Billie Elish. If

NEWS: Conquer Divide return with “Chemicals”!

If you suffer from photosensitivity then look away now as this brand new track from Conquer Divide as surfaced after five years in the wilderness and the video contains content that may trigger seizers. Entitled “Chemicals” and mixed by Joey Sturgis (Oceano, Attila, We Came As Romans), who produced their 2015 self titled record, it’s

Interview: Conquer Divide talk tour pranks!

Conquer Divide need to get back into the studio. Their 2015 self titled debut album showed plenty of promise and the all female Metalcore band are still touring it 3 years on. Here’s them talking tour pranks with Digital Tour Bus in the latest clip from one of their many, many long running series!

Review: “Shamecult” EP by Shamecult

Bringing out new music under anther name when you’re already in an established band with a known style is always something of a risk. But it’s one that Shamecult, a new band featuring Outline in Color vocalist Trevor Trato and guitarist Michael Skaggs (also of Miss Fortune) have taken the plunge with. Alongside former members of Conquer Divide (bassist Ashley Colby)

Interview: Conquer Divide talk first live show!

All female Metalcore crew Conquer Divide with members from the US, UK and Serbia have spoken to Digital Tour Bus about their first concert ever in this new series. The bands 2015 self-titled debut released via Artery Recordings turned heads and 2016 acoustic version of their song “Eyes Wide Shut” (not to be confused with