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Playthrough: “Flame of Consciousness” from Miscreance!

If you’re a fan of technical Blackened Death Thrash with flavours of Voivod and Death then look no further than Venice, Italy based collective Miscreance. Their August 2022 Season Of Mist released album “Convergence” bleeds themes of the cosmos, horror, existentialism and human nature while being that rarity of a drumming vocalist. Andrea Feltrin demonstrates

NEWS: Miscreance ink a deal with Season Of Mist!

19th May will see Italian Old School Technical Death Metal stalwarts Miscreance have their cake and eat it as their current album “Convergence” will be re-released with physical editions via Season Of Mist. A testament to how far they’ve come since their 2020 debut EP “From Awareness To Creation“, the album was originally released in

Bootleg: “Flames Of Consciousness” from Miscreance!

Venice, Italy based Thrash influenced Technical Death Metal outfit Miscreance were a long way from home on New Year’s Eve. They gave a live debut to “Flames Of Consciousness” from their debut album “Convergence” at Headbangers Ball Festival in Bern Switzerland which was caught on camera by Pierre-Denis Roh. If you missed the album, it

Review: “Convergence” by Miscreance

Having laid the foundations with 2020 debut EP “From Awareness to Creation” and a deviation from the left hand path for a split with Vile Apparition a year later, Italian Death Thrashers¬†Miscreance have prepared for our listening pleasure a debut full length album titled “Convergence“. Having conspired to follow in the footsteps of genre pioneers

NEWS: Miscreance ink a deal with Unspeakable Axe Records!

Italian Death Thrash quartet Miscreance have announced the debut full length album “Convergence” will arrive via Unspeakable Axe Records on 19th September ahead of a 2023 European tour with like-minded labelmates Ripper. The album follows on from the bands 2020 debut EP “From Awareness To Creation” and features a re-recording of “Alchemy”¬† with the band