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Bootleg: “Incarnated” from Obscura!

German Progressive Death Metal titans Obscura are on the verge of their 20th Anniversary and with a new album from a new line up of Steffen Kummerer, Jeroen Paul Thesseling, David Diepold and Christian Muenzner in touching distance the band continue to steadily release live performances from the archives. This time out they’ve chosen “Incarnated”

Bootleg: “Desolate Spheres” from Obscura!

Returning to their set from Up From The Ground Festival in 2006 for a second time, German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura have shared “Desolate Spheres“, which was one of the first songs completed for their sophomore album “Cosmogenesis” with  audio taken in its raw state, directly from the camera itself. Last month saw them share

NEWS: “Mortification of the Vulgar Sun” from Obscura!

Here’s one last chance for fans to see the “Diluvium” line up of German Technical Death Metallers Obscura with a 4K music video for “Mortification of the Vulgar Sun“. For those that missed it, a new line up that sees vocalist and guitarist Steffen Kummerer as the only original member are currently working on a new

Playthrough: “Diluvium” from Obscura!

German progressive death metal masters Obscura will release their new album “Diluvium” on 13th July via Relapse Records. The album completes a four album conceptual cycle that starts with 2009’s “Cosmogensis” which earned Loudwire’s “Best Death Metal Album of the Year” award. Here’s guitarist Rafael Trujillo delivering a guitar playthrough of the title track from