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Documentary: Unprocessed studio update!

Using a line we’ve heard from the likes of Opeth, this studio update from German Progressive Metallers Unprocessed describe a song that’s heavy without being heavy. Confused? Well it seems they have some influences from the direction of CHON and Plini as well as Periphery. No dates as yet but they do have an April

Playthrough: “Abandoned” from Unprocessed!

Celebrating the release of a new t-shirt emblazoned with the single “Abandoned” logo, German Progressive Metallers Unprocessed have filmed an impromptu guitar playthrough of the track with Manuel Gardner Fernandes assigned the task. The track is taken from their 2019 Long Branch Records released “Artificial Void“. Those t-shirts are available here.

Bootleg: “Abandoned” from Unprocessed!

German Progressive Metallers Unprocessed were at the Trinity Centre in Bristol on 14th February and with a packed crowd played “Abandoned“. Having been forced to cancel numerous tours of late we’re hoping that the band who delivered both “Artificial Void” and “Covenant” will be back on the road real soon and could even make a

Playthrough: “Antler’s Decay” by Unprocessed!

Germans Unprocessed will surely be back on the European Festival circuit this summer, continuing their rise to prominence and bolstering the sales of Long Branch Records. Perhaps with “Covenant” and “Artificial Void” underneath their belts they may settle for a tour in the US in support of a major player like Dream Theatre or Periphery.

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Disappointing Albums of 2019!

We’ve got a short attention span so… what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Our very own Awards Season is in full flow with a series of Top #5’s to blow your mind! As with 2018, the categories are simple. Top #5 “Live Bands“, “Disappointing Albums“, “Anticipated Releases“, “Best EPs” and “Best Albums“. It couldn’t

Review: “Artificial Void” by Unprocessed

Hessan Germany’s Unprocessed have a reputation as being a live favourite. Their Progressive Tech-Metal sound has been a soundtrack since 2014 and with this, their second album for SPV imprint label Long Branch Records, it’s time for the quintet to step up once more to a new level as they did with previous outing “Convenant”.

NEWS: Unprocessed swear by “Fear”!

Releasing on the same day as the new Slipknot album, 9th August will be a new album from Wiesbaden, Germany’s Progressive Tech-Metallers Unprocessed. Available for pre-order over at bandcamp, their forth studio outing entitled “Artificial Void” will feature this newly released cut “Fear”! If the new album is anything like it’s predecessor “Covenant”, it’s going

Playthrough: “Marked” from Sharks In Your Mouth!

Taken from their album “The Covenant”, Sharks In Your Mouth have dropped a dual guitar playthrough of single “Marked”. The Russian Nu-Metalcore crew are famed for their covers and include versions of tracks by the likes of Eminem and Linkin Park in their locker.

NEWS: “The Division” video from Unprocessed!

Taken from their April released album “Covenant” via Long Branch Records (check out our review – it’s a fantastic Tech-Metal release!), German crew Unprocessed have released a music video for “The Division”. The band were on phenomenal form at UK Tech-Fest this summer so expect big things from them in the future.

NEWS: Unprocessed July Tour!

German progressive tech-metal masters Unprocessed have announced a co-headlining UK tour with Valis Ablaze in June and July to this years UK Tech-Fest. The pair had new albums out via Long Branch Records in April, Valis Ablaze with “Boundless” and Unprocessed with the stunning “Covenant”. You can check out our review of the later upon