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NEWS: Frozen Soul return to Europe in February 2024!

American Death Metal Masters Frozen Soul have announced a headlining European tour for early 2024 that will find them joined by Creeping Death, Forseen and Phobophilic. The run will start in Germany in February before snaking its way through the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Denmark before returning to the source of Glacial Domination…

Documentary: Creeping Death on Bus Invaders!

You know what time it is. Digital Tour Bus have unleashed another episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series and this one is something special. It finds Creeping Death living the dream as they warm up the crowd at the Metro in Chicago Illinois on 18th April before Sacred Reich, Municipal Waste and Carcass reduce

NEWS: Frozen Soul pay tribute to “The Thing”!

Paying tribute to their both their favourite movie director John Carpenter and their favourite of his creations in “The Thing“, Dallas Texas Death Metal masters Frozen Soul have shared a music video that combines tracks “Frozen Soul” and “Assimilator“. Both cuts  feature contributions from GosT who adds a synth layer and take pride of place on

Review: “Glacial Domination” by Frozen Soul

Having decimated the weak with 2021’s deadly bludgeoning “Crypt Of Ice” the return of Dallas Texas Death Metal beasts Frozen Soul with “Glacial Domination“ is one on the highly anticipated Richter scale. That’s largely because not only do the band return to former guitarist Daniel Schmuck  (Power Trip, Creeping Death) for assistance but Trivium vocalist

Interview: Creeping Death talk “Boundless Domain” with Heavy New York!

Having unleashed the first single “Intestinal Wrap” from their upcoming new album “Boundless Domain“, which just so happens to feature George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher of Cannibal Corpse, Heavy New York dropped in on Creeping Death drummer Lincoln Mullins for a conversation about the 16th June releasing burnt offering. If you haven’t already, pre-orders are of course

NEWS: Frozen Soul prepare for a cold war…

Continuing to bring out the big guns, having already premiered “Morbid Effigy” which features a guest appearance from John Gallagher of Dying Fetus, a second single from the upcoming Frozen Soul album goes a step further. The ice cold Death Metal morticians have now shared “Arsenal of War” which features Reese Alavi of Creeping Death

NEWS: Revocation dance with death?

Director David Brodsky (Clutch, Killswitch Engage) has been kept busy of late, this time with US Progressive Death Metal Masters Revocation wanting to keep their name in the headlines with another music video from their eighth studio album “Netherheaven“. The cut of choice is “Godforsaken” with Metal Blade Records handling the distribution.

Bootleg: Creeping Death in Philadelphia!

Pro-Shot at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 12th September 2022 here’s a full set from Creeping Death as they continue to circle the drain at the edge of existence. The Dallas Texas mean machine continue to create Old School Death Metal while having an album in the works that saw Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam