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NEWS: Crown Solace look dangerous?

Mixed and Mastered again by Frank Pitters (Visions Of Atlantis, Edenbride), Scottish Symphonic Progressive Metalcore quartet Crown Solace have shared the first single “Dangerous Eyes” from their debut EP “Animus” alongside the EP cover artwork. Stylistically the band combine elements from influences in Nightwish, Epica, Amaranthe and Architects in forging their sound, while the record

The Black Map #239: Crown Solace from Aberdeen!

It’s the return of the… Oh wait. We’ve used that line before? Like JJ Peters said don’t call it a come back. For the first time in 2023 we return to the Black Map, our black book of the UKĀ  Underground Metal scene to talk about one of the lesser lights of heaven. The aim

NEWS: Crown Solace embrace the Nu?

Hailing from the backwoods of deepest darkest Scotland, Crown Solace are a new band seeking to push the boundaries of the Symphonic Metal genre. A trio who take inspiration from Progressive Metalcore acts like Architects as much as Nightwish, they use the Pete Rawcliffe’s (Urania Fantasia) trained sopranist vocals to contrast against Callum Hutchinson’s hardcore