The Black Map #239: Crown Solace from Aberdeen!

It’s the return of the… Oh wait. We’ve used that line before? Like JJ Peters said don’t call it a come back. For the first time in 2023 we return to the Black Map, our black book of the UK  Underground Metal scene to talk about one of the lesser lights of heaven. The aim of the game is simple. You read all about the bands in the feature, hopefully like what you read and then go check them out when you’ve got a free moment. It’s Sunday, you probably have a steaming hangover so it will probably be that free moment when you’re doing the post Sunday Roast washing up later on this evening. Trust us when we say hair of the dog isn’t a trick that works.

So let’s start the 2023 incarnation of this feature in Aberdeen Scotland with Crown Solace. They’re a Symphonic Metal trio with Progressive Metalcore flavours who draw influences from the likes of Architects, Epica and Nightwish. Formed in 2020 by guitarist and songwriter Valentyn Tkach who is joined by harsh vocalist and bassist Callum Hutchinson and trained soprano Pete Rawcliffe and together they released third single “Inside My Mind” in November. For the purpose they sort expert experience and lent on the talents of Frank Pitters at Silveline Music, a man known for his work with Visions Of Atlantis and Edenbridge to mix and master. Prior to that the shimmering ray of light that is “Horizons” saw the band clock up the better part of 8.5k Spotify streams but by their own admission 2022 was just the start of their journey. So here’s to a fuller 2023 with more new music from them!

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