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Review: “Exitium” by CurseUs

If you had to name a band who had shared stages with Black Tongue, Slaughter To Prevail and Within Destruction since being forged in the fires of Moscow Russia in 2017, CurseUs might not be the first on the tip of your tongue but while they are a youthful quartet, they have already gained a

NEWS: CurseUs leave worthless behind?

The end of the era of “Exitium” is upon us as Russian Deathcore brutes CurseUs drop the anvil heavy single “Blaze“, the second from their upcoming and as yet undated sophomore EP “Coma“. Mixed and produced by Empire Studios it follows “Worthless“, the most successful single in the bands career to date as they have

NEWS: Esteem will rise for CurseUs?

The first single from an upcoming 2022 EP “Coma” has surfaced, the sophomore record of Moscow Russia Blackened Deathcore collective CurseUs. Titled “Worthless” it’s the first new material from them since the quartet dropped their skull crushing debut “Exitium” in April after four years developing their sound and sharpening their blades at the grindstone and