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Throwback: “Fiend” by Coal Chamber!

Widely recognised as the heaviest and most aggressive album from Los Angeles Californian Nu-Metal quartet Coal Chamber, “Dark Days” was produced by Ross Hogarth and appeared via Roadrunner Records in May 2002. It was the album that sowed the seeds for vocalist Dez Fafara’s next project, Groove Metallers Devildriver after tensions within the band that boiled

Riff Police… Pull Over! #4 Limp Bizkit Vs Coal Chamber!

Limp Bizkit‘s 1999 single “Breakstuff” from “Significant Other” has been blamed for a lot in it’s time. Woodstock 1999 saw crowd violence and property damage both during and after the bands set. Fans were filmed tearing plywood from temporary festival structures and smashing the place up. The song itself has a highly memorable, if simplistic riff,